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‘Artifiseer – Syncretist’ Album Review

January 15, 2020


Artifiseer – Syncretist

Released Date, January 16, 2020

  1. Falsify 04:07
  2. Lavender 02:20
  3. _c o i l e d_ 01:34
  4. Veins of the Iris // _try to erase_ 02:52
  5. Phobos 03:25
  6. Phobos II (da_ma_ge) 01:18
  7. In Havoc’s Hands 03:31
  8. _br_u ise_ 01:13
  9. Faithless (Scarlet Shine) 04:27
  10. Rendsea // _u n_r e e l_ 03:14
  11. Zeal 04:52

Ian Livingston, the mad scientist behind Artifiseer, has created an auroral trip of a listening experience. Syncretist feels like a surreal magical expedition into a world that’s perfect for escaping the madness of the “real” world. It's a psychonaught’s trip through space and time in a steam punk elevator, visually rich and tremendously imaginative. 

Though I wasn't hooked on the first listen, catching a track here and there while doing other things, once I had a chance to sit down and listen to the whole thing, the richness of the textures and colours started coming through. Syncretist is an electro-art concept album (a rare thing to behold in 2020 when the single has reigned since the birth of streaming), and is best experienced in its entirety. 

The relatively gentle introduction is quickly switched up with the third track, '_coiled_'. It plays out as an interlude in the time space continuum, transporting us down the rabbit hole to the next place in this trip where we enter a world full of references to Greek Mythology. Whether these references were intended or not, they certainly add to the overall meaning of the album. 

'_bru_ise_'  is the next interlude transitioning us to the end of the album. These abstract interludes quickly become some of my favourite moments on this record.  

Each time I listen through it revealed something new to me and I’m a little more soothed in my search for peace in our world of madness.

Livingston is clearly a skilled electronic artist. The recording is clean and has a simple complexity to it that is its key to success.


Mood: Escapism – looking to clear your mind of the doldrums and drama of this world and explore the unexplored.

Flavour: Thrice purified water / pure grain alcohol

Colour: kaleidoscope. Richly deep violets and blues with a twinkle of silvery white in the distance.


Oliver Flecknell

January 2020

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