The Pagan Place Podcast

Episode 23: Papal Visit Part 1

August 20, 2018

Part 1:

In this episode Kalen leaves the comfort of his home studio and joins the band Papal Visit front men Pierre and Adam, as well as John and Chris from the live band, at their jam spot after a killer show for the Quality Block Party.They discuss their history together as well as their home town's rich rock and roll past. 

All the music you heard on this Episode was provided by Papal Visit. Be sure to check out their Bandcamp, you can also find them on Facebook

The tracks from this episode are: What Makes Him Win, The Heaviness, Sparkling Blue Depression and a bonus clip of a yet to be released track.


Since there are a few honourable mentions in this episode here are a few other links for those that might be curious about the bands and artists mentioned in this spisode.

Ermine - You can hear them on the BBQ Records YouTube page

Wooden Wives and The Organizers - You can check them both out at the Wooden Wives Bandcamp Page

Quality Block Party - Check out their Facebook Page for their events and festivals

Thanks to Buddy from Pension Clothing for the shout out and a sweet hat. You should check out their Site for some sweet duds

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