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Episode 36: Dave Maz

Episode 36: Dave Maz

June 22, 2019

   We're joined by Musical guest Dave Maz, 1/2 of Maztradamus. We talk a bit about Dave's music history and his current role as Vox Master in his current Project. With a run down on his sound board, he introduces us to some of his arsenal and loop station. As always we'll have some great tunes for you too, a few of which were recorded live in-house. Instead of breaking this into 2 parts as per usual, we decided to leave it as one fun chunk. Enjoy!

The tunes you'll hear on this episode are: BeatBox Loop Jam #1, Mazord - The Help, BeatBox Loop Jam #2, Maztradamus - Strange Birds, Maztradamus - Best Enjoyed Fresh.

If you like what you hear on this episode be sure to check out their Bandcamp


A big thanks to Well Well Well for the Intro Tune.  If you'd like to find us, we can be found wherever you get your podcasts,  Facebook and Instagram

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