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“Tooth & the Fang – Songs from the Broadview Wind Tunnel” Album Review

April 17, 2020


Tooth & the Fang – Songs from the Broadview Wind Tunnel

Released, April 17, 2020


  1. Lady of a Thousand Clouds 02:02
  2. Broken Plate 02:46
  3. Dog 06:37
  4. Thrive 01:59
  5. Coyote 02:36
  6. Take all The Time You Need 03:46
  7. Wanna Know 01:27
  8. Fragments 04:18
  9. Dinosaurs 02:38
  10. Funeral Procession Blues 06:55
  11. Childhood 02:44
  12. Highway Signs 07:03
  13. Goodnight, Sweet Kween 01:27
  14. Sea 05:03


It’s been 4 years since Geoff Smith and his project Tooth & the Fang’s last release (“Void, moving without having moved”). It seems that he has been working hard over these years because this latest album, “Songs from the Broadview Wind Tunnel,” is an excellently crafted and finely-honed collection of music. 


While Smith did work with a great selection of musicians on this recording, he performed a lot of the parts himself. I have to admit, I could listen to him riff on the guitar all day. These mellow and hypnotic melodies certainly set the mood for the raw lyrics that are delivered on point. 


A couple of highlights, for myself, are “Lady of a Thousand Clouds,” “Coyote,” & “Funeral Procession Blues.” That last track really shows us the sonic sensitivity that Smith has, giving our minds a place during this record to drift into a nearly meditative state. Quickly though we are snapped back by Smith’s raw and refreshingly honest lyrics in “Highway Signs.” 


However you are riding out this pandemic, Song’s from a Broadview Wind Tunnel is a great companion and what a great opportunity to practice that deep listening you’ve been meaning to try out. The care and attention that went into making this album, from the personal lyrics to the well-executed recording and mastering, will really show through if you shut off everything else going on right now and just listen. And remember, “If you get confused, just listen to the music play.” Be well friends.  


Mood: Dazed (or maybe that’s just me)

Flavour: Home brew and left overs

Colour: Incandescent


April 2020

Oliver Flecknell

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