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‘The Northern Arm – Mercury’ Album Review

December 19, 2019


The Northern Arm – Mercury 

released July 12, 2019


  1. Empty Orchestra 05:46
  2. Pooter 12:16
  3. Dave’s Cave 11:11
  4. Snug Plug 09:09
  5. Mercury Falls 12:17


Instrumental collective, The Northern Arm, released their 6th album in July of 2019. This album, “Mercury,” takes listeners on a ride that feels familiar to the Post Rock greats that came out of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. 

“Empty Orchestra” starts us off on this journey of introspection with a dark undertone, opening our ears while we try to hear distant voices or the rumble of a car through the dreamy landscape that The Northern Arm paints for us, slowly bringing us into their world of peaks and valleys. I’m not sure when the next track started, I was so entranced with the wall of sound that took me through the album. A nod to the engineers and producers. This is a very clean recording. Even through the most intense crescendos, each instrument was clearly defined. Each track is given sufficient space to breathe and build, notes left to hang and fill that space, my mind wandered in and out of the songs in a bit of a trance with some meditative clarity.

By the final track “Mercury Falls,” I can’t help but start to get a feeling of hope, the dark undertones have been released despite the idea of the mercury falling, which usually brings about feelings of dread in us Canadians this time of year. This is an excellent testament to the passing of the seasons that might make going into autumn actually bearable!     

 Just as at home walking down city streets under the glow of street lights as hiking to unknown destinations with no one around for miles, this album is best enjoyed through good headphones and loud! 

Flavour: Dark red wine

Mood: mellow/ morose/ grounded

Colour: green/ black/ grey/ street light orange


Oliver Flecknell 

August 29, 2019

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