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‘Ryan Marino - Revenge of the Machine’ Album review

December 19, 2019


Ryan Marino - Revenge of the Machine
Released August 2017
  1. Brainwashing - 5:17
  2. Angel From Hell - 4:20
  3. Fully Evolved - 4:52
  4. Doomsday Pt. 3 (Feat. Jonathan Marino) - 4:01
  5. Lost in Reality - 2:53
  6. Destruction - 4:14
  7. Until the End - 4:10
  8. Revenge of the Machine - 3:40
  9. Harmony - 6:32
As the local expert on all things trope-ish and retro, I was asked by the good people at the Pagan Place Podcast to listen to the 2017 album ‘Revenge of the Machine’ by Ryan Marino and give it a review.
The album took me through the final instalment of a trilogy of instrumental stories focusing on the apocalyptic aftermath of a robot uprising and a cyborg’s plan for vengeance.
As soon as the first track began, I knew why I was asked specifically, to take up this task. Revenge of the Machine has a very distinct retro sound and feel that can only be describe as robot-apocalypse-synth, which some would probably deride as "sounding like a video game" (as if that could possibly be a bad thing). Having an unnatural attraction to the cyberpunk aesthetic and (personally) really enjoying new music that sounds like it came from a 1991 TurboGrafx16 game; Revenge of the Machine truly delivers.
This album sizzles along from start to finish with strong drum, guitar and bass segments intermixed amongst it’s omnipresent synth melodies. Sometimes haunting, sometimes melancholy and sometimes groovy, Revenge of the Machine is always extremely retro-tastic and never boring. The album left me with a weird feeling of jaded and gritty optimism for a future which may never exist. 
I highly recommend Revenge of the Machine for a listen similar to an audio book to be popped on while working or studying. It made my time of doing some typing fly by while I imagined myself fighting robots, through a derelict city, with my bare hands.
December, 2019
Matt Parks, Park End Productions

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