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‘Quinn Bonnell – Wonder’ Album Review

December 19, 2019


Quinn Bonnell – Wonder

Released, November 23, 2019

  1. Wonder – 04:36
  2. Clubman Estate – 03:26
  3. Self / Soul – 02:41
  4. Forgiver – 03:57
  5. Middle – 03:24
  6. The Same – 04:04
  7. Sweet Touch – 03:50
  8. Journey – 05:43

Quinn's first full length release starts off strong with the title track Wonder. Upbeat vibes with mellow vocals bring us into the world that Quinn Bonnell creates for us and sets us up to wonder through the rest of his first full length album. One of my favourite parts of this album is the outro of this song, some really excellent guitar licks, simple & fitting.

These are all clean and to the point songs that breathe sentimental feelings from the beginning to end. Bonnell has some solid song writing skills and backs them up with some really sharp guitar playing. Exploring themes of love, forgiveness, under-age drinking, and finding yourself; Bonnell has created an album that most of us can relate to on some level.

Sweet Touch is just that, a really sweet sad song that gets me to snap back from whatever distraction had grabbed me though the first part of the album and start listening intently again. Just like the earlier track Clubman Estate, it kind of fades out quickly and disappears in the end. I wanted to hang onto it for just a little longer and be in that sweet sad space that this song made for me. 

With some possible Neil Young influence in Forgiver, the album opens up and lets us get to know who Quinn Bonnell is and where he comes from with his song writing. Stylistically this song might wear its influence on its sleeve but as with the whole album, the vocals are uniquely his own. They sit somewhere in the folk/ indie/ blues realm, the sort that I enjoy hearing while drifting off into a creative project or watching the sunrise before anyone else is awake. 

There is something familiar about this album that sticks with you long after its finished playing, the kind of album that once it’s over you need some quiet so that it can resonate and hang there for a minute. Bonnell’s sentiments towards being a writer and a musician can be heard in the final track, Journey. He is clearly on a path of poetic lyricism and song writing that shows no sign of slowing down. I have a feeling that we will be hearing more from him and I look forward to listening to whatever comes next.


Flavour – Black coffee

Mood – Lazy Saturday morning coffee in your PJ’s thinking about the night before and everything that has led to this moment.

Colour – Dim/hazy red/orange/pink sunrises


Oliver Flecknell

December 2019

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