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‘Kill Chicago - The Fix’ Album Review

December 19, 2019


Kill Chicago – The Fix

Released November 8, 2019

  1. Another Way To Be 04:11
  2. Moon Light 03:03
  3. So Small 06:32
  4. Two Drinks Behind 04:22
  5. Made Up 02:06
  6. Show Me 03:50
  7. Flying Home 04:00
  8. Have Not Town 03:40
  9. Pull Over 05:29


On the first snow covered night of November 2019, Kill Chicago released their sophomore album, The Fix, to a crowded bar of excited fans. It’s been four years since their first album and from the sounds of The Fix, they have been doing nothing but writing and rehearsing ever since. 

It’s not possible to talk about this album without talking about their live show and the comradery and friendship that exists between these musicians. Banter and inside jokes, knowing glances, and rocking out hard on a tiny stage without knocking anything over shows how hard and long these guys have been working together. With Greg Webber in the lead, the whole band has a dynamic stage presence that is on par with and better than a lot of big name acts I’ve seen over the years. Kill Chicago had everyone in the bar paying attention and rocking out with them. These freshly pressed rock riffs were even pulling patrons from neighbouring bars. 

Kill Chicago is on the edge of not being able to play these small venues anymore; their honest song writing and hard hitting sound paired with the electric synergy that this 4 piece has is going to take them places. Go see them while you can still afford tickets!

While the live show is a great party, it shouldn’t overshadow the amount of work that was put into this album. The little touches and collaborations shows the labour of love that this album is. Shout out to the Fredericton High Concert Band and Sound Design class for their contribution! You can tell that they also had fun making it, bringing back the practice of hidden tracks in a fresh way that makes the listener do a double take when following along with the track listing. 

 While I could try and compare their sound to other recognizable names, it would be doing these guys a disservice because their refreshing sound is uniquely their own; though I can feel some of their punk rock roots coming through on “Made Up” which I really dig! The quieter moments however, like the outro of “So Small” really show that these musicians are not just hard hitting rockers but talented musicians with a sensitivity and desire to fill out their whole sound and showcase the breadth of what they can do. 

The albums final track, “Pull Over,” brings the whole album together. Punctuated by the excellent trumpet playing of Matte Robinson, this more morose song reminds us that this album wasn't just a block buster of rock party anthems but a deeper exploration of what it is to be an artist and survive in the 21st century while working multiple jobs and struggling to figure out if you've made the right decisions to keep pursuing that dream. Let’s all hope that these guys don’t give up on the dream because while this album is most certainly a hit, I think that it’s just the beginning of great things to come for these talented musicians! 

Flavour: draft beer

Mood: driving/ getting ramped up/ drinking with friends
Colour: sunset/ twilight

Oliver Flecknell

November 2019

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