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‘Austin Eatman - Broken Radio’ Album Review

April 1, 2020
Austin Eatman - “Broken Radio”
released January 22nd, 2020
Track listing:
     1.Walking Paranoia
     2.The Spark
     3.Sweet Kate
     4. On You
     5. Perpetual Fire
     6. Broken Radio
    Austin Eatman - Vocals, Guitar
    Chloe Squance - Violin, Viola
    Jarrett Gautreau - Lead Guitar
    Keith Whipple - Bass
    Joel Arsenault - Drums
    Derek Hilchie - Banjo, Slide Guitar
    Jared Hovey - Piano
  The Saint John music scene is off to a hot start for 2020! Need some convincing? Just let Austin Eatman’s alternative-folk album Broken Radio warm your cold heart and refresh your tired, winter-worn soul. Recorded and mastered at Graywin Studios, this six song record commands respect and inspires imagination at every turn. From the beginning track Walking Paranoia, Eatman’s voice emerges like a small radio from the shadows; he is here to tell you his story, and you are going to listen. Now that the rules have been established, Eatman makes quick work introducing the rest of his band. A lead guitar begins to pluck complimentary backing notes, while the violin softly asserts its presence saying `I'm here’. Are you ready? Because this well-tuned, musical train is leaving the station and you’ve suddenly found yourself aboard that round trip you didn’t know you were taking.
  With the train tracks running straight through your heart, Eatman and his band are a convoy of emotion, precision and tact. Album offerings such as The Spark and Sweet Kate reach directly into your soul, forcing you to look out that train window and critically reflect on your life and the people around you. Try as you may, you will not escape the raw, sentimental aura emanating from Eatman's lyrics. Yet you will undoubtedly find yourself tapping your foot to the backbeat of the songs and singing his fetching lyrical hooks. The next stop of your journey has you getting off the train to stretch your legs, grab a drink and dance to the track On You. As Eatman and his band lock in, they confidently capture that care-free, 'fuck it all' energy. As you complete this round trip, the songs Perpetual Fire and Album closer Broken Radio will leave listeners wanting more. The lessons learned; advice and wisdom imparted for those that are truly listening.
  With his open and honest lyrics, Broken Radio paints Austin Eatman as a man who is emotionally exposed, vulnerable and wears his heart on both sleeves. Unwavering in his mission to tell a story exactly as he sees fit, we must acknowledge how impressive an EP this is for Austin Eatman and his band of hired guns. Although not the case, the execution of the music is reminiscent of a group of friends that have been playing together ages. This album also showcases how chemistry between musicians intuitively listening to each other can inspire genuine and appropriate musicianship. Engineered and mixed by Derek Hiltchie, the album tracks are super rich and warm, facilitating the perfect intimate listening experience. Another classic Saint John album has arrived and is deserving of some serious attention.
Are you even listening?
Dave Maz
April 2020

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