The Pagan Place Podcast

Episode 13: Steve Fudge

August 31, 2017

     Mr. Steve Fudge decided to come up to the studio and play us a few of his tunes. We also chatted about his other artistic interests, his rough start with open mics and the best experience he's had playing a gig. Steve has made many a venture, we dare say successfully, in to other realms such as HipHop and Comedy and we were glad to get him in for a chat. Hey plaed us a few tracks, recorded live in-house just for this episode.

   The songs you heard on this episode were: Halfway, Erin and a cover of a 'Neutral Milk Hotel' song, Engine.

   If you want to venture into his stroll down HipHop lane (which we really recommend you do) you can find his albums on Bandcamp for free right here: Curbside Prawjek

    you can also find Steve on Twitter

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