The Pagan Place Podcast

Epiosde 51: DK aka Darrell Kelloway

July 10, 2020

    We were joined by DK to talk a bit about the Halifax hiphop scene and his journey getting acquainted with it. We discuss his influences, how he gets himself out there and of course he lets us hear some amazing tracks off his latest release Soul Expressions. He's been interviewed for other great podcasts such as Break North Radio, and Hip-Hop Tictactics. He also has some writing experience under his belt from working with BBOY TECH REPORT, making educational articles on beat making.

The tracks you'll hear on this episode: Rollin' (Feat. Cam James & Justo the MC), Make Your Moves (Instrumental), Reflections (Feat. Ghettosocks), Coltranes of the Movement (Feat. Aquakulture, Timbuktu, Ghettosocks)

If you like what you hear on this episode be sure to check DK out on all his social media platforms.

Instagram: @dk_producer
Twitter: @dk_producer
Amendment: The 'Tribe Called Quest Tribute' mentioned in this episode was actually brought to you by DJ Chong Wizard.
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