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Epiosde 50: Jeff Keleher 3.0 Music at the Drive-In

June 5, 2020

For this episode we gave a call to Jeff Keleher, one of the fine folks that bring us the 'Pocologan Camp Party', to talk about how his team plans to work around the no festival rule and still give the people live music. We also talk about rocket launches and the importance of mental health awareness during the troubling times of Covid.


The tunes you'll hear on this episode are: Ringer - The Divorcees, Hold My Own - Jamie Comeau and the Crooked Teeth, James Mullinger, Beer O'Clock - the Divorcees, Plenty of Ground - Jamie Comeau and the Crooked Teeth


You can also find the Divorcees on: YouTubeFacebook and their Website

You can Find Jamie Comeau and the Crooked Teeth on: YouTubeFacebookBandcamp and Instagram

You can also find James Mullinger on: YouTubeFacebook and Instagram


If you enjoyed this episode you can check out other episodes with Jeff Right Here. We also  have past episodes with Jamie Comeau and the Crooked Teeth as well as a great episode with James Mullinger.

Thanks to Daniel Chamberlain for the closing shoutout!

A big thanks to Well Well Well for the Intro Tune, Frank James and Adrian the Intern. Find us wherever you get your podcasts and follow us on Facebook and Instagram

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