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Episode 67: Halloween 2021

Episode 67: Halloween 2021

October 30, 2021

The season dictates that it's time for our annual Halloween treat. You'll get a mix of spooky stories (some fact, some fiction) sent in by friends and listeners and a slew of music that just kills.

The Stories you'll hear: Kayla's Story by Brett Stackhouse, Click Clack Slide sent in by Jess Dawn (Narrated by Keltie Darrah), Abandoned Puppet by Tracey Noble, There's This Life and There's Another Life by Ian Livingstone , How He Left The Hotel by Louisa Baldwin (Narrated by Kalen Capson)

The Tunes You'll Hear: Lazer Mortis - Rebirth, Elephant Skeletons - Forest Ghost Stories, Subtle - Haze, Papal Visit - The Opposite Heart, B.A. Johnston - I Wanna Drink In A Bar With Aliens, The Sunset Drip - Where is The Sun, Artifiseer - Geasan, Stellaleona - Heartbroker, I Divorced Life - Unlike A Boulder, Botfly - Yellow Bike Road, Hard Charger - Ego Crusher


Thanks to Matt of The Northern Arm for the shout out, Be sure to listen to our next episode to catch a great interview with those guys!

Thanks to Monopolized Records and Moondrip Collective .

Also, thanks to Adrian the Intern and Frank James..  Find us wherever you get your podcasts and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Episode 66: Mike Biggar

Episode 66: Mike Biggar

October 18, 2021

   Kalen got to have a chat with Mike Biggar to talk shop about the industry and how it's changed over the past 2 years. They also talked a bit about some changes he's been incorporating into his process and what his marketing model may end up looking like for his next album. As always Mike lets us hear a few tunes as well. Stay tuned to the end for a hilarious b-roll nugget.

The tunes you'll hear on this episode: Hell and High Water, Troubles No More, Blood Form a Stone, All the Same

If you enjoy what you hear, you can find Mike all over the internet and be sure to check out the Bandcamp for Busted Flat Records, Facebook, Instagram or just visit him at 

Thanks to Steve from Podcast of the Universe for the shoutout. Be sure to check out his latest episode at


Also, thanks to Adrian the Intern and Frank James..  Find us wherever you get your podcasts and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Intro track: Coldsnap by Well Well Well


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