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Episode 39: Quality Block Party w/ Peter Rowan

Episode 39: Quality Block Party w/ Peter Rowan

August 9, 2019

   We were fortunate enough to meet up with Peter Rowan to talk about the Quality Block Party.  As one of the driving forces behind the festival we get a little insight on it's conception and where it's going. We we talking outside near a coffee shop, so you're going to hear some of the sounds that make Uptown Saint John what it is (seagulls and coffee drinkers). A huge thanks to Abigail Smith and Peter for making this happen. Also, a huge thanks to the performing artists for the use of their tunes on this episode.

The tunes you'll get to hear in this episode:

Little You, Little Me - Traveled, Sadie - About U, The Backstays - Dreams, The Hypochondriacs - Reaching Out, Like A Motorcycle - Punk One

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A huge thanks to James Mullinger for the shout out! You can find his episode Here.




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