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Episode 15: Just the Music

Episode 15: Just the Music

October 27, 2017

   For this episode we decided to mix it up a bit. Instead of a guest and session we decided to pull some tunes from our archives. There are many songs that never get aired due to time constraints, so we've pulled some out that you haven't heard from over the years. A few of the tracks you have heard before, but hey... They never get old. Over the years we've recorded in different locations with varying qualities of recordings from day one until now, so enjoy the journey.

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   The Tunes you hear on this episode are: 1) Troy Chenier - Heaven Take me Home 2) Adam Washburn - Penelope 3) Hunter Wilson - Poems 4) Frank James - Pity Sake 5)Austin Eatman - Same Damn Stone 6) Steve Fudge - Close Down 7) Peter Butler - Line by Line 8) Kerry Caron - 21 Stories 9) Drake Adams - On you Own 10) Joe McCorriston - My Hero 11) Gram Lewis - You Are Not Alone

If social Media is your game you can find some of these fine folks online.

Adam Washburn: Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , Bandcamp

Hunter Wilson: Facebook , instagram

Frank James: Facebook

Austin Eatman: Facebook , Twitter , instagram

Steve Fudge: Facebook , twitter , instagram , bandcamp - hiphop

Peter Butler: twitter , Bancamp - Well well well , bandcamp - Spruce

Kerry Caron: facebook , twitter , Instagram

Drake Adams: Facebook

Joe McCorriston: Facebook , twitter , instagram , bandcamp

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