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Episode 14: Hurtin

Episode 14: Hurtin

September 30, 2017

  This time around we decided to give you a bit of a longer episode. Eric from Parapony Picture Shows, the team that gives us the web series Hurtin. We talk a bit about the show, it's origins, influences and everything else that came to mind. We did have to contend with a band playing in the upstairs studio while we talked, so just a heads up that there is some backround noise. We'll say it's atmospheric. You can visit their website at or check them out on their YouTube channel

Also check them out on Twitter , Facebook and even Instagram.


The songs you heard in this episode are: Heftone Banjo Orchestra - Maple Leaf Rag (intro), Flight of the Conchords - Rock the Party, Saddlesore Co-op Society - Cash Climb, Beastie Boys - 5 Piece Chicken Meal, Beardo - John Lennon, Saddlesore Co-op Society - Oh Pappa, Saddlesore Co-op Society - Hurtin Theme (outro)

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