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Episode 3: Troy Chenier (the long lost episode)

Episode 3: Troy Chenier (the long lost episode)

June 21, 2017

  This was originally the 3rd and final episode of the Pagan Place's pilot project. Troy gave a great interview and his songs are still just as solid now as they were then. We thought about doing some editing to clean up the sound and take out some hiss (we've come a long way since that day a few years ago), but decided to leave everything just as it is.

  So for your listening pleasure the Long lost 3rd episode of The Pagan Place Sessions.  Recorded live in-house just for this episode at our original location, giver of our name sake, The Pagan Place

Troy played a set of all originals. The tunes you heard were: "Heaven Take Me Home", "Can't Tell Me Why" and "Shut"

Episode 10: Hunter Wilson

Episode 10: Hunter Wilson

June 1, 2017

  In this Episode we welcome Hunter into the studio to talk a bit about his music and his emotional investment in what he's doing with his song writing and some insight into life on the road. He played us a few tunes as well, Recorded live in-house just for this episode.


The songs you heard in this episode are: Pretty Habits, I've Been Asleep (A Long, Long time) a Hey Rosetta cover and Elijah's Lily. The into music was called Poems.

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