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Episode 9: Drake Adams

Episode 9: Drake Adams

April 28, 2017

    In this episode we were visited by Drake Adams. He talked a bit about life on the road and being in a van with band mates for a month at a time, with all it's ups and downs. Of course he also played us a few tunes, recorded live in-house just for this episode.


The song heard in this episode are: Dreaming of You, On Your Own, City Lights and cover of Barr Brothers' "Even the Darkness Has Arms"


You can find Drake Adams Music on Facebook by clicking Here

Episode 8:  Kerry Caron

Episode 8: Kerry Caron

April 6, 2017

In this episode we welcome Kerry Caron to the Pagan Place to play a few tunes and talk a little about what drives him forward. He also graced us with a few tunes as well, recorded live in-house just for this episode.

The music you'll hear in this episode:  'Twenty One Stories',' I hear them All' (Dave Rawlings) and 'Ain't always Smiling'.

The intro was 'Wheels & Gasoline' by Dead Fingers


You can also find Kerry on facebook by clicking here

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