Episode 14: Adam Washburn

March 9, 2018

In this episode Adam Washburn popped in for a visit and played a great set for us. We talk a bit about where his music is going and the ever changing industry that effects how artists get themselves out there. 


The songs you heard on this episode: Molly, The Best Days, Blue, A cover of the Beatles' Blackbird, and Chasing Butterflies.


You can find Adam all over the place: Facebook , Bandcamp , Twitter , Instagram

If you like what you hear here, head over to his bandcamp page. His last album and EP digital downloads are both up for pay what you will. 


Episode 13: Gram Lewis

January 17, 2018

 In this episode we're joined for a second time by Gram Lewis. We reminice a bit about our youth, talk song writing and why he chose the songs that he decided to play for us. You'll hear a little of Adrian the intern from time to time as well.

The music you'll hear in this episde: Backyard, Songbird and a cover of Ween's The Argus.




A Pagan Place Extrasode 4: Music Talk Part 2

November 30, 2017

 In this Second half of our 2 part episode we're joined by Guest Anthony England and Adrian the Internfor More ramblings about early memories that we have of music and our experiences with it. This is a two Part episode full of reminiscing and we only played music that came up as we talked while we fill Adrian on what he missed out on in the 90's.


This Episodes Playlist: Radiohead - How do you, 50 Cent - What up Gangsta, Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe, Frank Zappa - Black Napkins, Elliphant - All or Nothing (feat. Bunji Garlin)




A Pagan Place Extrasode 4: Music Talk Part 1

November 25, 2017

   In this episode we're joined by Guest Anthony England and Adrian the Intern to talk about early memories that we have of music and our experiences with it. This is a two Part episode full of reminiscing and we only played music that came up as we talked while we fill Adrian on what he missed out on in the 90's.

 Amendment: Nirvana Incesticide was apparently their 3rd release. It's considered a compilation as most of the song were written at various times.

This episode's playlist: Nirvana - Lake of Fire, Red Hot Chili Peppers - Suck My Kiss, Pearl Jam - Satan's Bed, The Odds - Eat My Brain, Sugar Ray - Mean Machine


Episode 12: Just the Music

October 27, 2017

   For this episode we decided to mix it up a bit. Instead of a guest and session we decided to pull some tunes from our archives. There are many songs that never get aired due to time constraints, so we've pulled some out that you haven't heard from over the years. A few of the tracks you have heard before, but hey... They never get old. Over the years we've recorded in different locations with varying qualities of recordings from day one until now, so enjoy the journey.

    You still have a few days to get in on our October giveaway contest, ending October 30th. Just visit our Facebook page and check out the promo there and comment or comment on the promo video Here . You can also find us on Twitter

   The Tunes you hear on this episode are: 1) Troy Chenier - Heaven Take me Home 2) Adam Washburn - Penelope 3) Hunter Wilson - Poems 4) Frank James - Pity Sake 5)Austin Eatman - Same Damn Stone 6) Steve Fudge - Close Down 7) Peter Butler - Line by Line 8) Kerry Caron - 21 Stories 9) Drake Adams - On you Own 10) Joe McCorriston - My Hero 11) Gram Lewis - You Are Not Alone

If social Media is your game you can find some of these fine folks online.

Adam Washburn: Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , Bandcamp

Hunter Wilson: Facebook , instagram

Frank James: Facebook

Austin Eatman: Facebook , Twitter , instagram

Steve Fudge: Facebook , twitter , instagram , bandcamp - hiphop

Peter Butler: twitter , Bancamp - Well well well , bandcamp - Spruce

Kerry Caron: facebook , twitter , Instagram

Drake Adams: Facebook

Joe McCorriston: Facebook , twitter , instagram , bandcamp


A Pagan Place Extrasode 3: Hurtin

September 30, 2017

  This time around we decided to give you a bit of a longer episode. Eric from Parapony Picture Shows, the team that gives us the web series Hurtin. We talk a bit about the show, it's origins, influences and everything else that came to mind. We did have to contend with a band playing in the upstairs studio while we talked, so just a heads up that there is some backround noise. We'll say it's atmospheric. You can visit their website at hurtin.ca or check them out on their YouTube channel

Also check them out on Twitter , Facebook and even Instagram.


The songs you heard in this episode are: Heftone Banjo Orchestra - Maple Leaf Rag (intro), Flight of the Conchords - Rock the Party, Saddlesore Co-op Society - Cash Climb, Beastie Boys - 5 Piece Chicken Meal, Beardo - John Lennon, Saddlesore Co-op Society - Oh Pappa, Saddlesore Co-op Society - Hurtin Theme (outro)


Episode 11: Steve Fudge

August 31, 2017

     Mr. Steve Fudge decided to come up to the studio and play us a few of his tunes. We also chatted about his other artistic interests, his rough start with open mics and the best experience he's had playing a gig. Steve has made many a venture, we dare say successfully, in to other realms such as HipHop and Comedy and we were glad to get him in for a chat. 


   The songs you heard on this episode were: Halfway, Erin and a cover of a 'Neutral Milk Hotel' song, Engine.

   If you want to venture into his stroll down HipHop lane (which we really recommend you do) you can find his albums on Bandcamp for free right here: Curbside Prawjek

    you can also find Steve on Twitter


A Pagan Place Extrasode 2: Homeless

August 12, 2017

In this episode we were invited into the studio of Industrial Park Productions to talk with Raven Blue and Jeff McLennan about their upcoming short film Homeless, due to be released Aug. 18th at the Third Shift Contemporary Arts Festival. They talk a bit about the importance of team collaberation, The learning curve of making a film and even let us hear a few tunes that influenced their gripping soundtrack. 


Check out the films webpage here and of course watch the Trailer here

The music you heard in this episode was suggested by Raven and Jeff. You heard M83 - Couleurs (intro / extro), Paradise Animals - Coastal Lines and Blank Banshee - Teenage Pregnancy.


Episode 10: Joe McCorriston

July 19, 2017

  In this episode we had a phone interview with England's own Joe McCorriston all the way from Morecambe, Lancashire. We talk a bit about falling in love with music, changes in his song writing, the music industry and what to expect when someone wants to take on the life of a professional musician.

  The songs you heard in this episode are: See Ya (with the Intro, Off the album 'Try as you might'), Halloween, Alive, C'est La Vie and Hero.

Visit Joe's website at http://joemccorriston.com/

If you like what you hear wander over to his band camp page to check out some albums and give him some love:Here

You can also find him on TwitterInstagram and of course YouTube.

Check out his latest Video for 'Halloween' Here


Episode 3: Troy Chenier

June 21, 2017

  This was originally the 3rd and final episode of the Pagan Place's pilot project. Troy gave a great interview and his songs are still just as solid now as they were then. We thought about doing some editing to clean up the sound and take out some hiss (we've come a long way since that day a few years ago), but decided to leave everything just as it is.

  So for your listening pleasure the Long lost 3rd episode of The Pagan Place Sessions.


Troy played a set of all originals. The tunes you heard were: "Heaven Take Me Home", "Can't Tell Me Why" and "Shut"